Success Story



This CDM couple couldn't be happier to see their family members and down-liners doing very well in MLM business especially when they have changed their standard of living.

CDM Safiah was a government school teacher but was so determined to give up the post just to  concentrate on this business. She did it very well even though she was new in Sahajidah Hai-O business. Her rapid success has inspired her to do this business more seriously. “Actually I have involved in more than 20 MLM business.” When she voiced out her intention of giving up her full time job, many objected and were skeptical about her hasty decision. However, her remarkable achievements have proved them wrong. It is the product that is very effective that sells very well especially Premium Beautiful Lingerie Series. It receives overwhelming response.”

CDM Safiah persuaded her husband and siblings to get involved in this business. “My husband who was shocked to see me buy Premium Beautiful has finally interested in this business.” CDM Jamsari who was previously a tutor, teacher and lecturer in private and public higher learning institutions is now her great companion in MLM business. 

When she called on her siblings to join this business, they did not object as they could see for themselves her impressive achievements. She said, “We are so proud to set a record in Sahajidah Hai-O  Marketing by having the biggest number of CDM in a family. We have 8 CDM alone in our family.”  The couple received a special recognition i.e. “1 Family” award by Tun Musa Hitam, Tan Sri Osman S. Cassim and Mr. Tan Kai Hee in the 17th Anniversary of Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing in 2009.

This couple truly believed that MLM entrepreneurship is a credible, insightful and professional career. “We could not be happier to see our family members and friends doing very well in this business particularly when they have a better standard of living. We have no regrets that we gave up our secured jobs but are very grateful that we have made the right choice.”