Bio Evolve™ Water Purification System

Bio EvolveTM Water Purification System combines the breakthrough Advanced Nano Technology and innovative High Density Advanced Carbon Block in a compact, lightweight and attractive purification system that delivers excellent water filtration performance for your whole family!

·      Breakthrough Advanced Nano Technology
·      Innovative High Density Advanced Carbon Block
·      Excellent water filtration performance
·      Pure and cleaner water
·      Better-tasting water right from your tap
·      Improved water quality
·      Simple “Do-It-Yourself” installation
·      Great savings! Does not require electricity
·      Low maintenance cost
·      High durability
·      Easy to use
Bio EvolveTM Water Purification Systemhas a meticulously designed 4-phase innovative filtration system. Each filter is tasked to execute specific yet important filtering roles to provide pure and clean water at your convenience. In short, it is the perfect way to enjoy high quality water!
1.      Pre-Filter A : Ceramic
The ceramic absolute dense distribution of pores measuring less than 0.9 micron size ensures all impurities like rust, sand silt and bacteria are filtered out to ensure 99.999% cleanliness.
2.      Filter B : Energised Converter
·      Bio Balls
·      Activated Carbon
·      KDF
Bio Balls break up water molecules structure into smaller molecules; thus making it easier for the human body to absorb and enhance the body metabolism. Moreover, it is able to increase water capacity to contain more oxygen inside the body.
It provides a broad spectrum of energy rays that regulate, activate cells and balance body fluid function. Water with high energy will promote cells activeness and mobility.
Activated Carbon removes chlorine, colour and unpleasant odour.
KDF removes heavy metals such as lead, copper and cadmium.
3.      Filter C : Ionised Converter
·      Ion Balls
·      Nano Balls
·      Bio Balls
Using the Ionised Conversion Technology, the combination of Ion Balls, Nano Balls and Bio Balls will enhance and stabilise energy in the water to keep water molecules clusters at the smallest size for a prolonged period of time.
Additionally, it boosts energy up to a higher level, as well as to regulate the alkaline water which is good to our human body. It helps to promote metabolism and activate cells to enhance immune system and detoxification function.
4.      Filter D : High Density Advanced Carbon Block
The unique Heat Process Technology creates thousands of pores that optimises surface area for better contaminant absorption like harmful chemical, bleach, any unpleasant smell, chlorine, colour and allow beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium and tooth-decay fighting fluoride to pass through the carbon block filter and remain in the water.